2013 Year in Review

Consultants to:

  • Alderman Arena’s Art Advisory Committee
  • 6 Corners Business Association
  • Jefferson Park Chamber of Commerce
  • Avondale Neighborhood Association
  • Forest Glen Association
  • St. John’s Darwin Days

Support for:

  • CPS Elementary Students Regional Art Show
  • Congressional Art Show
  • 6 Corners Design Committee—Sculpture Selection
  • Jefferson Memorial Park – Art and Sculpture
  • SRB Community Garden
  • Senior Valentines Dance
  • Barn Dance Apocalypse Event
  • Wanda Cobar Sewing Class
  • Great Chicago Fire Hydrant Project
  • Fischman’s Cocktail Launch

Schools and Student Support:

  • Paul Demos Student Film
  • Luke Sword Student Film
  • Disney II Magnet Schools: Art-in-the-Windows-Program
  • Farnsworth Elementary School: Art-in-the-Windows-Program
  • Portage Park Elementary School: Art-in-the-Windows-Program
  • St. Viator Brownies: Art-in-the-Windows-Program
  • Face Painting for Back-to-School Fair & Park Events
  • Mosaic Supplies for Portage Park School
  • Former Portage Theater Programs @ Schurz High School

Social Media Growth and Support:

  • Facebook likes: 542
  • Twitter Followers: 90

Public Art and Storefronts:

  • Josi’s Yogurt Shop Temporary Storefront
  • Ruk’s 2 Vegan Temporary Storefront
  • Tango Che Temporary Storefront
  • Taurus Temporary Storefront
  • Hep Cat Mural
  • Paschke Mural* (partial painting and consulting)
  • NVAM Partnership Murals (commissioning, supervising & installing)
  • Jeff Fest Windows
  • Holiday Windows in 6 Corners**

Festival Support:

  • 6 Corners Bar-B-Que Fest (Mini-golf, Aluminum Pour)
  • Jeff Fest Music and Arts Festival (Mini-Golf, Drum Activity, Backdrops, Mural Project Support, Photo Show Display, Tech Support for Acoustic Stage)
  • Chicago Fringe Fest (Decorate Fringe Central, Supply Art and Artists)
  • Chicago Artists Month (Curate 22 events for Portage Park Portion of Citywide Festival)
2012 Accomplishments
4626 N. Knox                                  “CASH for Kids” program artistic technical assistance, Irish American   Heritage Center, Mayfair
Various                                              Coin-a-Phrase Poetry project—area elementary schools
5216 W. Lawrence                        “Senior Portraits” program, coordinate local artists.
4045 N. Milwaukee                        High School Hearts—mini film festival of high school videos
4762 N. Milwaukee                        “The Poisoner” –independent filmmaker filming in the ward
4050 N. Milwaukee                        “Ghostbusters” – supply lobby art for photo op/marshmellow toss
                                                                Student videos before main feature
Off Site                                                “Inside Out Photo Project” supply After School Matters student with photos
4050 N. Milwaukee                        E.T. Event – arrange art and activities
Sunnyside & Milwaukee                Loteria window mural
Police Station 16th                        Police Mural on Station Garage Door
                                                           Design & Submit Proposals for 3 Chicago Artists Month 
4050 N. Milwaukee                    “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” photo op and activities
                                                           Schurz High School video screening
6 Corners Business                     “Bar-b-que Fest” – create and supply art for street
                                                    Supply volunteers to wear costumes and interact with crowd
                                                          Supply street dancers
                                                         Facilitate artwork and branding for event
                                                        Organize Filament Theatre Ensemble for event
                                                        Provide face painters
                                                       Arrange piano bar with Keys for Kids Piano
4754 N. Milwaukee                        Install Joe Pelligrini’s art in Alderman’s Ward Office Gallery
Addison/Avondale                        Help with Addison/Avondale Lopez Mural
6 Corners                                         Work with 6 Corners Business Assoc. Sculpture Committee
4780 N. Milwaukee                      Paint Fishman’s Window Mural on vacant building next door
Jefferson Park                               Paint vacant storefront windows for Jeff Fest beautification
4813 N. Milwaukee                     Install Eric Craig Photos in former Kale Uniforms windows
5415 W. Higgins                          Install Mike Grucza & Terry Karpowicz in Knobe Gallery Windows
5512 W. Lawrence                        Install Claudia Laska Studios in vacant windows
Jefferson Memorial Park          Coordinate space and art for Jeff Fest Music and Arts Festival 2012
                                                         Arrange for Stefan Niedorezo to “Live Sculpt” Limestone
                                                         Arrange for Artorium to demonstrate visual arts
                                                        Arrange for Filament Theatre Ensemble to perform
                                                        Arrange for Seanachai Theatre Ensemble
                                                        Arrange for Natural Gas Theatre Company
                                                       Arrange for Kathy Greenholt, Mike Fenton, Dan Aranda & Tommy Tuesday to perform
                                                      Arrange for Circesteem to perform
                                                     Arrange for Jeff Semmerling Mask maker to perform
                                                     Arrange for magician to perform
                                                    Arrange for Dog Saving Network show
Jefferson Mem. Park           Back-To-School Fair, supply face painters
Lamon & Irving                    Work w/ 6 Corners on parkette clean-up & paint
4050 N. Milwaukee              Film Festival for film camp at the Portage Theater
4700 Montrose                     “End of Watch” memorial mural and dedication
5512 W. Lawrence              Facilitate art in store gallery @ Dough-on-the-Go
                                                Arrange for music on streets on Fridays
4021-4023 Milwaukee      Build gallery space in vacant store
                                                Arrange and supply wood for Uneek Designs wood mural in Klee pedway
                                                Klee ped-way “Running with Dogs” mural by Jax Nakasena
                                                Facilitate Johanna Silva’s pop-up gallery
Elston underpass              Repair grafitti damage to Forest Glen mural
4754 N. Milwaukee           Work with Alderman on Participatory Budgeting costs for art
4023 N. Milwaukee                        Design & execute 2nd half of “Dogs mural
4023 N. Milwaukee                        Volunteers for clean-up
4041 N. Milwaukee                        Organize Filament Theatre Ensemble’s Chicago Artists Month show
4023 N. Milwaukee                        Implement Poetry Walk for Chicago Artist Month
4080 N. Milwaukee                        Organize and execute community aerosol mural for CAM
4021-4023 N. Milwaukee            Install IBAM Derry Peace Murals in space for NVAM opening
4041 N. Milwaukee                        Hang WWII Veterans’ Portraits in hall of NVAM for opening
4762 N. Milwaukee                        Space for student movie by P. Demos
4041, 4021-23 N. Milwaukee            Disney II Magnet School art in Windows for the holidays
Jefferson Park Transit Station        Arrange Boy Scouts to decorate trees for holidays
                                                                   Arrange St. Bellarmine’s Girl Scouts to sing carols
                                                                   Arrange Santa’s visit
4041 N. Milwaukee                            Decorate space for holiday party celebrating Filament, NVAM, NWCFS

Minutes from Last Board Meeting:

Summarized Minutes, November 4, 2012

Arts Alive 45 annual board meeting

  1. Call to order at 4:10 PM, Cyd Smillie’s house
  2. Introduction of new board members:  Heather Aitken, Shannon Kemp, Amy Meadows (excused absence), Tony Passero.  Officers elected:  Cyd Smillie, President; Gary Heitz, VP; Shannon Kemp, Treasurer.
  3. Paperwork, changes & amendments mandated by IRS non profit regulations.  Board members sign conflict of interest statements.
  4. Review mission statement.  Discussion about changing DBA name to reflect work in NW side Chicago communities, not limited to Ward 45.
  5. Budget Review, Jan—Nov, 2012, actual and projected.
  • A. Discussion about paying for design so that it becomes AA45 intellectual property.  Motion made to pay for design for awarded work for hire in an amount not to exceed $200 without express board approval.  Motion carries unanimously.
  • B.  Equipment purchases:  plan to purchase tent, sound system ($400–$600), scaffolding, and what else might be needed on a case by case basis.
  • C. Directors & Officers insurance:  board members think it is prudent to obtain.
  1. Suggestions for projects from board members:  garage murals; using recycled refrigerators; pop art gallery at Independence Park Bungalow; Chicago Fire soccer mural; Wizard of Oz/Frank Baum mural; large format photography window display which can rotate thru communities; beautify/wrap AT&T & other utility boxes; vertical gardens/living wall of plants on brick walls; poetry slams.
  2. Fundraising:  plan event for spring.
  3. Board member recruitment:  need people with accounting, fundraising, marketing, web & newsletter skills.
  4. Meeting adjourned at 6:00 PM.

 Your input:

We were created to implement the ideas and dreams of Chicago residents.  We value your comments and ideas and want to become a partner in growth.  Please contact us with your suggestions.