Stairwell Murals Downtown

The North stairwell features a sports theme and Chicago with designs by Jerry Rogowski, Jeff Kierna and Cyd Smillie and Griselda Blanco. Painting assistance by the Peace House Crew. “Stair Jordan” coined by Paul Hansen.

One thought on “Stairwell Murals Downtown”

  1. Hello,

    I work at a Restorative Justice Hub in Back of the Yards called Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation (PBMR). Some of our initiatives include helping connect people with direct services, facilitating peace circles, and healing trauma from violence and/or poverty. We’ve had recent plans, prior to the current public health concerns, for illustrating our organization’s values and community goals on our walls and in our spaces. We love our building and the current art that exists in our spaces, but we need help refreshing some areas, maybe with new murals, mosaics, or other creative endeavours.

    I want to take advantage of this time to do research and build relationships with artists in the community that may help us with our vision. PBMR is aware of the lack of compensation and validation for artists, and we want to be respectful of any artist’s rates and requests.

    Looking forward to being connected and learning more about Chicago artists. Thank you for your time.

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