AAC Starts Year-long Project

With the support and wisdom of Alderman Lopez and the finances of Chicago DCASE’s YOPA program AAC began a year-long project that addresses how to connect with the “peace inside.”  the project has 3 components:  (1)  8 weeks of art projects with all 8  grades of students leading to a large installation of over 250 … Continue reading AAC Starts Year-long Project

AAC Updates Faded Library Mural

The first painted mural on a Chicago Public Library was almost lost to sun, wind, rain and age. Thanks to the Bezazian Library leadership this historic mural was revitalized. Originally painted with old house paint when colors were limited, the new look flashes a more sparkly smile with rich blues and sharp reds. Enjoy another … Continue reading AAC Updates Faded Library Mural

Helping Other to Find Their Voice

AAC’s artist Cyd Smillie, working with Englewood residents and I Grow Chicago’s staff members continues to turn the focus on the individual voice.  Fortified by a belief that helping others connect with their latent or forgotten visual skills helps a community, a new project by the master gardener for I Grow Chicago, Ken, goes up … Continue reading Helping Other to Find Their Voice