Arts Alive/45 – updates

2013 Starts with 501(c)3 status!

It’s official Arts Alive/45 is a 501(c)3 arts non-profit and to celebrate…


We’ve raised enough money to fund a mural by any veteran of any branch of service during any era.  Log onto our partner in the project’s website: for RFP and application!

It’s History Now:

This year , (2012), Arts Alive/45 welcomed Tony Passero, Amy Meadows, Heather Aitken and Shannon Kemp to the executive Board and bid farewell to Susan Barton and Laura Heitz.  Susan and Laura got us off and running with their  wise counsel and experience and only 4 people of extremely good caliber could begin to fill their shoes.

On April 22nd, 2012 Arts Alive/45 held its Inaugural Fundraiser and celebration of the (not quite) First Year!  Plans for 2012 paint season were discussed and new partnerships were formed, yeehah!

On Monday February 6, 2012 the founding board of Arts Alive/45, Inc. held it’s inaugural meeting to elect officers and adopt the bylaws.  The executive board consists of:

Cyd Smillie — president– Ms. Smillie has a B.F.A. in Technical Theatre and Stage Design; 17 years experience in Hollywood Film Industry; Owner/Director of Touching Ground Gallery; is a practicing artist and teacher, and a home owner and resident of Mayfair for 20 years.

Gary S. Heitz — vice-president  –Mr. Heitz brings over thirty years of experience in the set-design and event staging business to the job.  He and his wife Laura are both homeowners in Portage Park area.

Anna Zolkowski Sobor  — director — Ms. Zolkowski Sobor is known throughout the area as a community leader and organizer.  She is a business owner, translator, historian, and driving force in the Old Irving Park Association.  With years of experience in newsletter writing, promotion and distribution she is a huge asset to the Board.

Tony Passero– owns his own advertising and marketing firm and brings with his building, brush and fund-raising skills, in just the first week.

Amy Meadows–known throughout the community for her wit and windows.  Ms. Meadows teaches Visual Merchandising at Columbia after many years of directing Window Display for Marshall Field and Co. and was on the ground floor of Chicago Loop Alliance’s Pop Up Art Loop program.  An early supporter of Arts Alive/45 projects, Amy and her family live in Old Irving Park.

Heather Aitken— A professional photographer and calligrapher Heather is president of Beat Studios. She was a co-founder of the Greater Independence Park Neighborhood Association where she currently serves as president. Committed to community service Heather also serves as the 17th District Advisory Committee chairperson, Beat 1732 Facilitator and coordinates the Peer Jury Program for the 17th District Police Dept.

Shannon Kemp— The third star in our trifecta of amazing women leaders, Shannon brings with her a successful advertising and marketing company, a camera and a huge commitment to help her community.

Henceforth all minutes from the meetings will be posted on this sight.