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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                February 25, 2014

 Arts Alive/45 name retired—now Arts Alive Chicago

Name change reflects expanded focus

  • New logo
  • Broader geographic focus
  • Links artists with businesses and communities


Chicago, Illinois…Arts Alive/45 announces that effective immediately it will continue its work as Arts Alive Chicago. “Although we began our activity in the 45th Ward on Chicago’s Northwest side, we’ve expanded now”, said Cyd Smillie, Arts Alive Chicago president. “We are a 501(c)3 non-profit with no political ties or territories. We’ve been getting more requests from across the city and our new name more accurately reflects that.” A new logo has been unveiled to underscore the name change.

In the last 3 years Arts Alive Chicago has partnered with business associations, neighborhood groups, theaters and schools from Avondale to Forest Glen to create festivals, events, exhibits and murals.  Our focus in 2014:

  • RESOURCE:  Be the link between artists seeking to create and showcase their work—and businesses, communities and organizations who need artists to create something to fit their specific needs and space.
  • CONSULT:  Partner with chambers of commerce and other non-profits on the arts component of festivals, helping to design the overall event and sourcing artists of all types.  Working with Chicago Fringe Festival, Six Corners BBQ Fest, Jeff Park Arts & Music Fest, Chicago Artists Month.
  • MURALS:  Paint six more murals in public spaces.  Launch one stop mural program for property owners: connect with artists who can design and paint mural to their specifications.  Data shows that murals deter tagging and graffiti on buildings and storefronts.

For more information on Arts Alive Chicago, please visit or

6348 N. Milwaukee Suite #159, Chicago, Il 60646 —


Arts Alive wants to thank the generous and good-hearted folks at Disney 2 Magnet school for their help in growing Arts Alive Chicago.  We knew we needed to change our name to make it easier for folks to know we serve all of Chicago.  With the help of our summer intern Danny we have a new look for our new name.  Starting January 1, 2014 the old Arts Alive/45 logo and name are being retired to the history archives and we will celebrate and promote the arts and the artists of Chicago as ARTS ALIVE CHICAGO. Huzzah!