Chamber of Commerce recognizes Arts Alive 45

Jefferson Park Chamber of Commerce recently presented Alderman John Arena an award for his arts initiative, Arts Alive 45. The 2011 Beautification Award was given to Arena for his work revitalizing the Jefferson Park Business District with art installations, murals, and pop up exhibitions. The award was signed by the Chamber of Commerce President Gregg Kobelinski … Continue reading Chamber of Commerce recognizes Arts Alive 45

Jeff Park Jazz Mural

The first mural by Arts Alive Chicago (then Arts Alive/45) –designed by Jill Arena and sponsored by the neighboring Copernicus Foundation, this mural served as a welcoming gateway to the Jefferson Park community before it was covered over by the vinyl Paschke Mural produced by the Rabb Family Foundation. This was also the beginning of … Continue reading Jeff Park Jazz Mural

City Council Approves

City Council approved a recommendation by Neighbor Space to fund the St. Robert Bellarmine Community Spirit Garden at Higgins and Central. The funds will come from Open Space Impact Fees and will help clear concrete and debris from the vacant lot, install a new fence and prepare the planting beds.